Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rejection

So the wisdom teeth pulling was not that bad. My cheeks did not swell, not that much pain, therefore the vicodin was not needed, and I went out 2 days later. And that is where my story begins...

So Saturday night, after only two days of boredom in my house, my friend told me he was having a party and so I decided to go. My friend hit me up about 30 minutes before I planned on leaving for the party. My friend's name is Simba. He asked me how my wisdom teeth pulling went, I told him I was fine and I was going to our friends party. About 5 minutes passes, I get a text from Simba, saying he talk to our friend (lets call him Frenchy) Frenchy and is going to. I told him we should go together, since we were both going to roll solo. So since I was still on medication, I could not drink and I told him I would drive. So we go to the party, we see our old high school friends, everyone is drinking and having a good time. Then the night rolled on...

Simba started getting drunker and a little more physical. Now first off, me and Simba are really good friends, I do not think of him in any other way and I don't think I ever will. Don't get me wrong, he is a great guy, funny, smart, such a sweetheart, a true gentlemen, I mean I could go on for hours. But bottom line, not the guy I am interested in. Now, where was I... OH, yes. So as me and Simba started having drunker conversations his face started getting closer to mine, to the point where I was leaning back, and it was so obvious. He would keep touching my arm, I would move away, he would put his hand on my back and I would take a step to the side, and he would lean in as he talked and I dipped back. From this moment on, I knew the goodbye part of the night would not be easy.

At around 2am, we leave the party. As we leave he puts his hand on my back as he is walking besides me, as if he is escorting me into a car. On the ride home, I tried to keep it light and funny and make jokes, but he kept caressing his hand up and down my arm. So finally, we get to his house, and I tell him goodnight. He leans in for a kiss I lean in for a hug... DISASTEROUS! He tried to kiss me, and I knew he would, so I leaned to the left so he only got my cheek.

I felt really bad about it, considering he is a friend, but I mean shit, I have never once shown him a sign that I was interested. Grow up! And he was drunk, he will bounce back from it.

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