Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The change

So, when I first started this blog it was more on a whim. I did not really know what to write about. But now, I think just my everyday life will have to do with the memories built. So here it is, memory #1:

Now, keep in mind, first entry, not the most memorable memory, but it will have to do. So for many years now, I have been doing the usual party/ drinking scene on the 4th of july. Well this year was a change. It was not as if I had woken up that morning and decided I am going against the current, but I was just to lazy to care. So I texted my friend, we will call her Banana, she had just gotten back from the mountains with her family. I asked Banana what was going on and she said she was not doing anything to exciting. So I said well why dont we just hangout, sleepover, and maybe drink a little. Oh boy. So I got to her house, we make some popcorn, crack open a bottle of absolute with some monster (I know, classy) and decide to just chill and watch a movie. That is when we decided, we are going DISNEY! She had this whole big collection of the old disney channel movies. So we decided to put on 101 Dalmations! I know, EPIC! Did you know Hugh Laurie from House is a bad guy in that movie. You probably forgot. But yes, he is.

Anyways, so we get talking about what is going on and the usual boy gossip. We exchange our funny boy kissing stories, and boy oh boy there were some bad ones! Let me tell you. But this recent guy I started talking to, by far the worst. Kissing him was like he was experiencing the first kiss of his life, awkward and uncomfortable. There is not enough alcohol in the world that could make it any better, geesh. And the first time I did kiss him, I was already a little intoxicated. I just do not want to know that feeling sober. So I was telling Banana about him and how it was and she told me a story I will never forget. She ... you know what we will save that for another time. For now, keep living the dream and makin' memories. <3

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