Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Girls and The Boys

So, the typical idea of boys are the same over and over, all they want is sex and they do not care about what you are saying. But no! It goes much deeper than that. The way guys handle a girl (if they are smart) is very well thought out. They show how nice they can be, have good conversations even though they just do not care about the small things. The only thing they are thinking during that covnersation is, "She better put out since I have to listen to this crap. I don't care where she went to school, I do not care what goal you are trying to achieve. I care where its going to happen tonight. My place or hers?" Ladies, do not be fooled, you are not going to meet the relationship type of guy while you are on a 'girls night out'. You will not find him in a bar, a club, or driving down the street and you are flirting with the car full of boys next to you. There are even the sneaky ones you have to look out for in the ones in the gym, at the market, at a charity function, and even at starbucks. The bad ones are everywhere, and of course there are always exceptions to every rule. But how many times have you said, he said he is going to call me and we are going to like grab dinner or something tommorrow. You wait, no call, not text. You wake up to a missed call at 4am in the morning and a text, saying hey you should come over ;) . I mean, seriously, it gets old.

Now, girls on the other hand, much more simple. There are 3 types of girls in this world; 'the relationship girls' the 'I like the idea of a relationship more than I actually like it' and the 'I hit and quit, do not make it complicated'. And again, there are always those exceptions, but you probably fit in one of these catagories. I can see where guys might get confused always saying GIRLS ARE SO COMPLICATED. We really are not. Guys think they can be soooo smooth with there texting. They try to 'play the game' I always tell my friends, ' they might think they are playing the game, but honey, I created the damn game.' After a little getting to know, usually a good solid week or 2 of texting/ calls and maybe a couple hangouts/ hookups, he will start getting just a little sexual with the phone texting, starting to through in those smiley winkey faces, and maybe throw back a couple, your cute/ I wish I could see you now. Well if you wanted to see me, you could always come see me? Now unless you are doing a coast-to-coast kind of deal
(which i have actually done), then seeing eachother is usually not that hard. If a guy wants to see you, he will make it happen. But no, they stick with their big guns, the phone texting. Now, if you are not an elite texter and know exactly how to respond and when, then you probably have a friend that you ask a lot for help with those kind of guys. And this is where our story begins...

So one night me and my roomate, Pecan, go with our friend DG to a Jazz Club, it was open mike night and DG was hooking up with one of the guys in the band. DG is one of those type of girls who getss wayyyy to crazy about a guy to fast, she is that girl who can hangout with a guy once and say 'I really really like him, but idk'. Now do not get me wrong, I love the girl but she does have her fair share of boy issues. Anywho, so the whole time DG's boy does not look at her and even come up to talk to her, not once, and I can understand in between sets but after his group finished he COMPLETELY ignored her, and oh my lanta, was she upset. She went off on him (she is also that girl never afraid to spead her mind). So, during the whole argument, me, Pecan, and our other friend (who came and joined us while we were at the club), Jasmine, were just talking. Another guy from the same band as DG's boy came over and started talking to us. He started hitting on my roomate Pecan, I felt bad for the girl, while he was, um, nice (?), he was also kind of weird and pretty much not attractive at all. It was pretty funny, so after the arguing between DG and her boy we all decide to go back to his house and just hang out. So the whole night, Pecan's new stalker would follow us around. If she said she needed to talk to me in private we would leave and about 2 minutes later Mr. Stalker would be there. I think the funniest part was when he would try to grab her arm and take her away and would tell her he needs to talk to her, she would come right back to the group. He then asked her if she had a boyfriend because he would love to take her out and she told him she was seeing some one (Pecan is totally available). Watching her say that with that little grin on her face because she knew I was watching her say it was killing me. I could not help but laugh. As the night strolled on we left, he somehow got her number and he still texts her to this very day. Half the time she ignors him, and the other half she just keeps it very brief (usually just saying, Oh I actually have to go.). Poor kid, just can't take a hint. Well, that is it for today, keep living the dram and makin' memories

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