Friday, July 9, 2010

Into the night

So last night I hung out with this other guy who I am talking to, we get some dinner and hangout after, in his car... I know, classy. Not my decision, believe me, I tried to get out of it without being totally obvious, but he was driving so I was not really in charge. It was so funny, as we were having like a flashback to high school (freshman year), sitting in his car he would keep moving his head as we were kissing to make me face his ear. Because I do the ear kiss very well, and he tells me it feels to good. But there was a point where I just stopped and started laughing at him. I mean come on, after the third time it got annoying, and he did it more than 5 times, I mean, talk about killing the mood. After I got home I went in the jacuzzi with my sisters Booky (the middle sister) and Captain Jack Sparrow (the youngest sister, I am the oldest), we were just relaxing and talking. When we got out it was probably around 10:30ish. When I looked at my phone, guess who I got a text from? The worst kisser in the world!!!! Lets call him, Mr. Not So Casanova. So he texts me saying heyy, and the usual intro of how are you, good what about you, I'm well thanks (now keep in mind I really don't want anything to do with this kid). He asks me what I was doing later (assuming I am going to invite him over to see me) I tell him sleeping, he says cool well I am at my friends house now but I don't know what I am doing later? So I just say response. I think I handled the situation very well. However, I worry that I well receive a text from Mr. Not So Casanova later tonight. Blahhhh

So I call Banana to see what she is doing tonight because I wanted to hangout. She says probably not driving since I am already drunk... it is 7:30pm when we talk. She is one crazy girl. So I am picking her up and we are hitting the town! We will see what happens with Mr. Not So Casanova tonight. The thing with Mr. Not So Casanova is that he and I have a history, not a good one, but it is very interesting. But that is a story for another day... For now, I am going out with the intention of bringing some good blog stories back! Keep living the dream and makin' memories.

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