Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Worst Weekend

So this Thursday, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. I am so scared. But what also sucks, is that I am getting paid Thursday, so now I do not get to go shopping until I feel better. I love make-up, clothes, and accessories. You name it, I have it. I wanted to go buy some new make-up this weekend (since I had a $230 clothes shopping spree 2 weeks ago, yikes! I figure I would stay to the cheaper side). So, now time for some "Tee Point of View."

In Office Relationships.

I think that those three words have enough said. What is it about those words that makes us twinge, that makes people think the lowest of those two people. I mean, if they were your friend before, why does being in a relationship with someone they work with change you perception about them. Sure, it is always the type of relationship that is kept secret, which makes it totally sketch, there is always that line of work and play, but is it those to people's fault that they wanted to mix the two. Do not get me wrong, I just do not believe in the In Office Relationships, I am usually the one gossiping to other co-workers saying, "OH MY GOSH, you will never believe what I just heard!"

But, we all secretly know that we want that to. We want to feel the danger of hoping no one will find out, we want to look at some one more than just a co worker in a meeting, and we want that akward feeling when you are both in the break room yet secretely love it and are laughing in your head because nobody knows. It is really jealousy that we hate, not the relationship itself.

The best, is when everybody knows about the relationship except for the couple actually in it. Because, think about it, how many times are the co-workers "fine" with the fact that the couple is secretly hooking up. Heck no, there is always so big elaborate pland to let the couple know that the rest of the company knows (assuming they don't get fired first). Thats it for now, I will be back at you soon with some new ideas on the world (mainly the boys and the girls of the world). Keep living the dream and makin' memories.

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