Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Never Ending Circle

Sooo sorry that this took so long. But here it is, the never ending circle. We have all had them, those guys that you had a rough end with and then out of nowhere, two to four months later they contact you out of the blue to make your life miserable again. Then it is good for a while and then it goes bad again (he doesn't call, she bails, he defriends you from facebook, she blocks your number). But then, when you finally stop thinking about them, they contact you, OUT OF NOWHERE. It is like they are programmed to know exactly when to ruin your life. It beats me.

I have had two of these never ending circles, both of which I am currently in. Boy oh boy, when they text me or call I always say to myself, no one could deal with my life but me, way to much scandolous drama. The first guy, I have already talked about in my blog, Mr. Not So Casanova. Yes, he is still here...he seriously knows just when to text me. So I am back from school for christams break, definetly had no intention of telling him, one day, I am at starbucks with a friend just catching up and then Mr. Not So Casanova's best friend walks in (who I know from high school), his name can be captain Monkey. So, I took one look at him, turned to my friend and said holy crap, he is going to totally tell Mr. Not So Casanova I am here, two seconds later, BING, new text, it is him, Mr. Not So Casanova. It has been about two weeks ago, he has texted me over and over but I am just ignoring him for the time til I actually need him :).

Now, never ending circle #2, The Cowboy. Now, Cowboy is quite frustrating, I like him, I hate him, I am sick of him, Im hooking up with him, I delete from the contacts. It is quite interesting. I've been doing a lot better of stop drunk dialing him (especially since I deleted his number) but still, Ive stopped. This guy likes to pull the fake relationship card a lot. He does the whole, "you know we are going to be together, I consider myself exclusive, I care about you" BLAH BLAH BLAH...please, what a joke, then stop talking. Now, he does not know that I am not the..hmm..relationship type of girl? Thats ok with me, always works out better for me, more trust :). But then we stop talking, did not even text me on christmas to say merry christmas...RUDE. So, then on facebook he IMs me, out of the blue saying he misses me, he was just thinking about me, the usually blah blah blah. I am like, ya I bet that is what you say to all the girls and Cowboy is like no just you. PLEASE. Was I born yesterday? But even if I wanted this to be over tommorow it never will be, that is why we call it the never ending circle. Because one way or another, these guys just wana come right back and be like, 'HEY! its been forever, lets catch up tonight ;)' Its the same routine, do these guys think we are idiots. What? are we going to sit in your car talking about how finals went while playing go fish. I don't think so. But still, we can't say no, because of one thing, CURIOSITY. We can't help it, wondering what will happen, what will come from this, the idea of not knowing if it could turn into something that we dream of is what eats us up and unknowingly pulls us toward these situations. Hence, the never ending circle.
Well everybody another Tee perspective, keep livin' the dream and makin' memories :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

In It For The Long Hall

Hello fellow viewers, sorry it has been taking me a while to post something new, have to start up that whole school thing. But oh man, has so much happened. But lets focus on some serious fundamentals first.

At my college, either guys come in to school and cheat on their girlfriends, or they refuse to have a relationship so they can live the 'college dream'. It is pretty effing annoying. Girls try and find that certain some one they can see themselves with in the after-college-life. Guys, just want to see how many girls they can hit and then show it off to their friends. Now, when we get to athletes, it is a wholleeeee new world. Sometimes, you hit those sensitive athletes that like to keep to themselves a little bit more, and they are the relationship guys we all hope for. But, that is just about 5% of athletes, the other 95% are dogs. With athletes, the 'hooking-up' is like a whole other game itself. In between the classes, after practices, late night parties, and everything that falls in between of their sports is a different sort of playing field all together.

So, back to my dilemma. I am currently a junior in college, and my freshman year, I met this athlete within the last 3 weeks of school, I believe. He was seriously a guy I would be willing to date (got to take a break from the party scene). We went on a few dates, hooked up a lot, and then summer rolled around and we did not speak a word. I forgot about him actually. Then in the last month of my sophomore year, we see each other at a party, and he exclaims how he thought I left our college, we went on another date a week later (but no kiss at the end, WTF?!). I could not have been any more upset, I mean, I spent like 2 friggin hours getting ready! So then over summer he kept in touch, I let him know I was going back for a night at our college and he wanted to come play beerpong with me and my friends so I said sure. He came over, we all had a good time, I was trying to drive home and had to drop him off down the street at his apartment (quick recap, my house with my family is 30 minutes away from my college, where my apartment is, and my boy, aka baklava, was there working out for his sport over summer). He insisted I come in and see his place (definitely his place was not worth seeing), we started watching a movie around 2:30am. I really wanted to try and get home, but I knew that this point would lead no where good. He starts flirting, I flirt back of course and he kisses me, we start hooking up, when guess who texts me- Mr. Not So Casanova (MOTHER EFFER). But I did text him, as I was hooking up with baklava, WHATEVER, I don't care, I know I am a bad person, I actually texted Mr. Not So Casanova the whole time we were hooking up. So, it was a really good hookup btw, it was not like a typical hook-up buddy, it was like a boyfriend girlfriend type of hook-up. So junior year rolls around, and guess who is in my class... BAKLAVA. ahhh, my birthday is coming up soon, so I am hoping for the best! Wish me luck. Be back with more gossip and Tee's point of views soon!
Keep livin' the dream and makin memories.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry, ive been gone for a bit. First the wisdom teeth, then off to Massachusetts, I am all over the place! But ok, so how come a guy and a girl can't just be friends. It's the laws of nature, a guy and a girl can't be "good friends' without some deeper meaning behind it.

So me and my good friend cheeseburger have been friends since high school. We both went to Massachusetts at the same time. Completely accidental! We were talking about how beautiful it was and how much the red sox rule at life (since I am from boston and he is from Cali, that concept did not mesh well). Then, it starts, the your so funny, haha i miss you, can't wait to see you baby, we should meet up! anything special in mind ;), blah blah blah, you catch my drift. I mean, its so annoying, if I was interested, believe me, you would know! The sad thing is, his 3 other close friends really (and I mean really) like me to. I wonder if any of them know? I wonder if they have a bet on who can get to me first? The sad thing is, no of them ever will. Because they are only my friends, and I could never/ will never think of them in any other way (ew).

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Rejection

So the wisdom teeth pulling was not that bad. My cheeks did not swell, not that much pain, therefore the vicodin was not needed, and I went out 2 days later. And that is where my story begins...

So Saturday night, after only two days of boredom in my house, my friend told me he was having a party and so I decided to go. My friend hit me up about 30 minutes before I planned on leaving for the party. My friend's name is Simba. He asked me how my wisdom teeth pulling went, I told him I was fine and I was going to our friends party. About 5 minutes passes, I get a text from Simba, saying he talk to our friend (lets call him Frenchy) Frenchy and is going to. I told him we should go together, since we were both going to roll solo. So since I was still on medication, I could not drink and I told him I would drive. So we go to the party, we see our old high school friends, everyone is drinking and having a good time. Then the night rolled on...

Simba started getting drunker and a little more physical. Now first off, me and Simba are really good friends, I do not think of him in any other way and I don't think I ever will. Don't get me wrong, he is a great guy, funny, smart, such a sweetheart, a true gentlemen, I mean I could go on for hours. But bottom line, not the guy I am interested in. Now, where was I... OH, yes. So as me and Simba started having drunker conversations his face started getting closer to mine, to the point where I was leaning back, and it was so obvious. He would keep touching my arm, I would move away, he would put his hand on my back and I would take a step to the side, and he would lean in as he talked and I dipped back. From this moment on, I knew the goodbye part of the night would not be easy.

At around 2am, we leave the party. As we leave he puts his hand on my back as he is walking besides me, as if he is escorting me into a car. On the ride home, I tried to keep it light and funny and make jokes, but he kept caressing his hand up and down my arm. So finally, we get to his house, and I tell him goodnight. He leans in for a kiss I lean in for a hug... DISASTEROUS! He tried to kiss me, and I knew he would, so I leaned to the left so he only got my cheek.

I felt really bad about it, considering he is a friend, but I mean shit, I have never once shown him a sign that I was interested. Grow up! And he was drunk, he will bounce back from it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Worst Weekend

So this Thursday, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. I am so scared. But what also sucks, is that I am getting paid Thursday, so now I do not get to go shopping until I feel better. I love make-up, clothes, and accessories. You name it, I have it. I wanted to go buy some new make-up this weekend (since I had a $230 clothes shopping spree 2 weeks ago, yikes! I figure I would stay to the cheaper side). So, now time for some "Tee Point of View."

In Office Relationships.

I think that those three words have enough said. What is it about those words that makes us twinge, that makes people think the lowest of those two people. I mean, if they were your friend before, why does being in a relationship with someone they work with change you perception about them. Sure, it is always the type of relationship that is kept secret, which makes it totally sketch, there is always that line of work and play, but is it those to people's fault that they wanted to mix the two. Do not get me wrong, I just do not believe in the In Office Relationships, I am usually the one gossiping to other co-workers saying, "OH MY GOSH, you will never believe what I just heard!"

But, we all secretly know that we want that to. We want to feel the danger of hoping no one will find out, we want to look at some one more than just a co worker in a meeting, and we want that akward feeling when you are both in the break room yet secretely love it and are laughing in your head because nobody knows. It is really jealousy that we hate, not the relationship itself.

The best, is when everybody knows about the relationship except for the couple actually in it. Because, think about it, how many times are the co-workers "fine" with the fact that the couple is secretly hooking up. Heck no, there is always so big elaborate pland to let the couple know that the rest of the company knows (assuming they don't get fired first). Thats it for now, I will be back at you soon with some new ideas on the world (mainly the boys and the girls of the world). Keep living the dream and makin' memories.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Clingers

Before I get this interesting post going, I just wanted to let you know, like i predicted Mr. Not So Casanova totally texted me last night! HAHAHA, I told you he would. Because he is A Clinger.

Oh the clingers, we all know them. Those obssessed people that you wonder the next day, what was I thinking. I do not understand how clingers understand that a single hookup could lead to anything more.

The one night clingers: Now when you meet some one and hookup with them in the same night, it is pretty obvious, especially if alcohol is involved, it is not going to go anywhere! So why do the clingers somehow get your number, and text you after saying I had a great time tonight :) or maybe we can get dinner tommorow and get to know eachother, or my personal favorite, the wake up text- heyy you :). I mean give me a break, if I was interested I would have texted you. Now when they add you on facebook that same night, oh man is that priceless. Then you look through there pictures and ask yourself, shit is that what they really look like in the light?

I hung out with Banana last night and we were exchanging awsome clinger stories, which gave me the idea of this post. So here is one from her vault:

Banana has made many poor decisions in her younger years. And the story of her first Asian is one of them. At the beginning of Banana's sophomore year of college she was invited to a frat bar night. Her friend Sharon invited Banana. It was Sharon's friend Alan’s fraternity’s thing. Banana had met Alan a few times before and he seemed like a nice enough guy. They all pregamed at his dorm room. There are like 8 people cramped in to this tiny dorm room. At the time Banana was still known as “The Tank”, meaning, as you all know, she could handle her liquor.

Banana gets challenged to a shot contest or she was calling people pussies for not drinking. The details are fuzzy. At any rate, she finds herself all over Alan. Please note that this is still in the dorm room. They have not even gotten to the bar yet. Needless to say, she was a fucking train wreck by the time they do get to the bar. Once there she makes a beeline for the dance floor with Sharon. They dance for a while and then some people Sharon knows come in and she goes over to talk to them. Banana, of course, run into some people from freshman year and start to hit on them. Story of my freaking life. Banana runs back into Alan and tell him they should get some drinks… as if she was not drunk enough already.

Alan insists on buying her drink. I am not one to complain. He must have tipped that bartender really well because her kamikaze was super strong. After two slips, she didn’t want to drink anymore. Somehow they were sitting on the couch. Bananas solution to her drink being too strong is to make out with Alan. Now Alan is not terribly attractive, but he is not unattractive either. After a few minutes of making out—by the way, the couch was in clear sight of everyone in the bar. I know, super classy right?—Alan gets up. He says that he has to go say hi to some people that had just walked in. “I will be right back. You will wait right here, right?” “Sure.” “Don’t go anywhere.” Alan was not a very good kisser. Some might actually classify him as bad. Banana was super drunk, so she was not sure she was in a position to judge.

Banana hung around for about two minutes, but then my self-defense mechanism kicked in. When she gets too drunk for a situation or party, she just leaves. No goodbyes or good nights. she just goes home. It keeps her out of too much trouble. Anyways, it takes her 5 minutes to walk the 10-minute walk home. In that period of time she manages to call 5 people and have two conversations. When she gets home, Banana passes the fuck out in her bed. She wakes up the next morning to 15 missed calls and 4 messages. The first message is from one of my high school friends telling me to call her back in the morning when she is sober. The next 3 voicemails are from Sharon along the lines of “Banana, where are you? Banana, Alan is looking for you? He is kind of pissed. Banana, Alan is really mad. Where the fuck are you?”

Oops. Now, of course, after this night Banana sees Alan fucking EVERYWHERE. Fortunately she had not given him her phone number. She spends the next year living in bushes as she dives into one every time she sees him. He also totally deleted her on facebook as they are not friends anymore… that actually makes me laugh a little bit.

Anyways, flash-forward a year and half, this past May Banana was having dinner with some friends and they were talking about horrible hook-ups. She obviously told this story. This girl, let’s call her Seabiscuit (Banana actually has a super hard time remembering her name as I can tell you), says, “Hold up, is that Alan X you are talking about?” Banana nods her head. “Oh my god, he thought we were dating for the longest time. That story is so Alan.”

Now Seabiscuit’s best friend and Alan’s best friend are dating each other. So Alan and her end up hanging out with the happy couple all of the time. Seabiscuit got really drunk at a party and made out with Alan for a few minutes. That was her fatal mistake. Alan asked her to lunch one day. Seabiscuit thought it was just as friends. Then Alan paid and would not accept money from her. She heard about a week later from someone that she was in fact dating Alan. This was news to her. She called Alan. He said they should talk about it over dinner. Seabiscuit agree. Alan paid again. This was getting out of hand. Seabiscuit had to set him straight in front of a bunch of people at a party to make him get the picture. She still has to run interference to make sure people know that she is not dating Alan.

Talk about clingy. They drank and laughed about what a horrible kisser Alan was. She kept telling Banana not to feel bad about what she did to Alan. It was for the best. Now he would never cling to Banana.

Keep living the dream and makin' memories.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Into the night

So last night I hung out with this other guy who I am talking to, we get some dinner and hangout after, in his car... I know, classy. Not my decision, believe me, I tried to get out of it without being totally obvious, but he was driving so I was not really in charge. It was so funny, as we were having like a flashback to high school (freshman year), sitting in his car he would keep moving his head as we were kissing to make me face his ear. Because I do the ear kiss very well, and he tells me it feels to good. But there was a point where I just stopped and started laughing at him. I mean come on, after the third time it got annoying, and he did it more than 5 times, I mean, talk about killing the mood. After I got home I went in the jacuzzi with my sisters Booky (the middle sister) and Captain Jack Sparrow (the youngest sister, I am the oldest), we were just relaxing and talking. When we got out it was probably around 10:30ish. When I looked at my phone, guess who I got a text from? The worst kisser in the world!!!! Lets call him, Mr. Not So Casanova. So he texts me saying heyy, and the usual intro of how are you, good what about you, I'm well thanks (now keep in mind I really don't want anything to do with this kid). He asks me what I was doing later (assuming I am going to invite him over to see me) I tell him sleeping, he says cool well I am at my friends house now but I don't know what I am doing later? So I just say response. I think I handled the situation very well. However, I worry that I well receive a text from Mr. Not So Casanova later tonight. Blahhhh

So I call Banana to see what she is doing tonight because I wanted to hangout. She says probably not driving since I am already drunk... it is 7:30pm when we talk. She is one crazy girl. So I am picking her up and we are hitting the town! We will see what happens with Mr. Not So Casanova tonight. The thing with Mr. Not So Casanova is that he and I have a history, not a good one, but it is very interesting. But that is a story for another day... For now, I am going out with the intention of bringing some good blog stories back! Keep living the dream and makin' memories.