Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry, ive been gone for a bit. First the wisdom teeth, then off to Massachusetts, I am all over the place! But ok, so how come a guy and a girl can't just be friends. It's the laws of nature, a guy and a girl can't be "good friends' without some deeper meaning behind it.

So me and my good friend cheeseburger have been friends since high school. We both went to Massachusetts at the same time. Completely accidental! We were talking about how beautiful it was and how much the red sox rule at life (since I am from boston and he is from Cali, that concept did not mesh well). Then, it starts, the your so funny, haha i miss you, can't wait to see you baby, we should meet up! anything special in mind ;), blah blah blah, you catch my drift. I mean, its so annoying, if I was interested, believe me, you would know! The sad thing is, his 3 other close friends really (and I mean really) like me to. I wonder if any of them know? I wonder if they have a bet on who can get to me first? The sad thing is, no of them ever will. Because they are only my friends, and I could never/ will never think of them in any other way (ew).

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