Monday, September 6, 2010

In It For The Long Hall

Hello fellow viewers, sorry it has been taking me a while to post something new, have to start up that whole school thing. But oh man, has so much happened. But lets focus on some serious fundamentals first.

At my college, either guys come in to school and cheat on their girlfriends, or they refuse to have a relationship so they can live the 'college dream'. It is pretty effing annoying. Girls try and find that certain some one they can see themselves with in the after-college-life. Guys, just want to see how many girls they can hit and then show it off to their friends. Now, when we get to athletes, it is a wholleeeee new world. Sometimes, you hit those sensitive athletes that like to keep to themselves a little bit more, and they are the relationship guys we all hope for. But, that is just about 5% of athletes, the other 95% are dogs. With athletes, the 'hooking-up' is like a whole other game itself. In between the classes, after practices, late night parties, and everything that falls in between of their sports is a different sort of playing field all together.

So, back to my dilemma. I am currently a junior in college, and my freshman year, I met this athlete within the last 3 weeks of school, I believe. He was seriously a guy I would be willing to date (got to take a break from the party scene). We went on a few dates, hooked up a lot, and then summer rolled around and we did not speak a word. I forgot about him actually. Then in the last month of my sophomore year, we see each other at a party, and he exclaims how he thought I left our college, we went on another date a week later (but no kiss at the end, WTF?!). I could not have been any more upset, I mean, I spent like 2 friggin hours getting ready! So then over summer he kept in touch, I let him know I was going back for a night at our college and he wanted to come play beerpong with me and my friends so I said sure. He came over, we all had a good time, I was trying to drive home and had to drop him off down the street at his apartment (quick recap, my house with my family is 30 minutes away from my college, where my apartment is, and my boy, aka baklava, was there working out for his sport over summer). He insisted I come in and see his place (definitely his place was not worth seeing), we started watching a movie around 2:30am. I really wanted to try and get home, but I knew that this point would lead no where good. He starts flirting, I flirt back of course and he kisses me, we start hooking up, when guess who texts me- Mr. Not So Casanova (MOTHER EFFER). But I did text him, as I was hooking up with baklava, WHATEVER, I don't care, I know I am a bad person, I actually texted Mr. Not So Casanova the whole time we were hooking up. So, it was a really good hookup btw, it was not like a typical hook-up buddy, it was like a boyfriend girlfriend type of hook-up. So junior year rolls around, and guess who is in my class... BAKLAVA. ahhh, my birthday is coming up soon, so I am hoping for the best! Wish me luck. Be back with more gossip and Tee's point of views soon!
Keep livin' the dream and makin memories.

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