Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Never Ending Circle

Sooo sorry that this took so long. But here it is, the never ending circle. We have all had them, those guys that you had a rough end with and then out of nowhere, two to four months later they contact you out of the blue to make your life miserable again. Then it is good for a while and then it goes bad again (he doesn't call, she bails, he defriends you from facebook, she blocks your number). But then, when you finally stop thinking about them, they contact you, OUT OF NOWHERE. It is like they are programmed to know exactly when to ruin your life. It beats me.

I have had two of these never ending circles, both of which I am currently in. Boy oh boy, when they text me or call I always say to myself, no one could deal with my life but me, way to much scandolous drama. The first guy, I have already talked about in my blog, Mr. Not So Casanova. Yes, he is still here...he seriously knows just when to text me. So I am back from school for christams break, definetly had no intention of telling him, one day, I am at starbucks with a friend just catching up and then Mr. Not So Casanova's best friend walks in (who I know from high school), his name can be captain Monkey. So, I took one look at him, turned to my friend and said holy crap, he is going to totally tell Mr. Not So Casanova I am here, two seconds later, BING, new text, it is him, Mr. Not So Casanova. It has been about two weeks ago, he has texted me over and over but I am just ignoring him for the time til I actually need him :).

Now, never ending circle #2, The Cowboy. Now, Cowboy is quite frustrating, I like him, I hate him, I am sick of him, Im hooking up with him, I delete from the contacts. It is quite interesting. I've been doing a lot better of stop drunk dialing him (especially since I deleted his number) but still, Ive stopped. This guy likes to pull the fake relationship card a lot. He does the whole, "you know we are going to be together, I consider myself exclusive, I care about you" BLAH BLAH BLAH...please, what a joke, then stop talking. Now, he does not know that I am not the..hmm..relationship type of girl? Thats ok with me, always works out better for me, more trust :). But then we stop talking, did not even text me on christmas to say merry christmas...RUDE. So, then on facebook he IMs me, out of the blue saying he misses me, he was just thinking about me, the usually blah blah blah. I am like, ya I bet that is what you say to all the girls and Cowboy is like no just you. PLEASE. Was I born yesterday? But even if I wanted this to be over tommorow it never will be, that is why we call it the never ending circle. Because one way or another, these guys just wana come right back and be like, 'HEY! its been forever, lets catch up tonight ;)' Its the same routine, do these guys think we are idiots. What? are we going to sit in your car talking about how finals went while playing go fish. I don't think so. But still, we can't say no, because of one thing, CURIOSITY. We can't help it, wondering what will happen, what will come from this, the idea of not knowing if it could turn into something that we dream of is what eats us up and unknowingly pulls us toward these situations. Hence, the never ending circle.
Well everybody another Tee perspective, keep livin' the dream and makin' memories :)

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